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Transport Services

Providing transport services is a key forte at Albatross. We offer trucking services from ex-warehouse to port, freight to Nigeria and trucking from port to destination.

Marine Logistics

Our marine & offshore logistics is well positioned to respond to the oil field needs of our clients. We have at our disposal, the ability to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations backed by the expertise of our technical partners and employees.


Our skilled procurement team at Albatross ensures the process of finding and agreeing to terms and conditions of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via tendering or competitive bidding, flows seamless till it gets to the end user.

Who We Are

Albatross is a shipping logistics and procurement company incorporated in 2019 to bridge the gap in procurement and logistics needs of business in Nigeria and abroad.

At Albatross, we pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver seamless shipping, logistics and procurement services to our clients. We operate at all ports in Nigeria and also have key partners in Asia, Europe and America which ensures that we manage, procure, ship and deliver consignments timely, efficiently at the lowest cost.

Our Vision

To become the preferable choice for business within the maritime/logistics industry.

Our Mission

To ensure the seamless flow of goods and services domestically and internationally thereby creating value  for our customers and other stakeholders.

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