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At Albatross, we handle export operations for a domestic business that wants to sell their products abroad. Albatross oversees packaging, labelling, exportation documentation: bill of lading, consular invoice, certificate of origin, sanitary & health certificate of fitness, phytosanitary certificate, packing list and dock receipt.


Our skilled procurement team at Albatross ensures the process of finding and agreeing to terms and conditions to acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via tendering or competitive bidding, flows seamless till it gets to the end user. Procurement generally involves making buying decisions under conditions of scarcity. With sound data available, we make use of economic analysis methods such as cost benefit analysis or cost-utility analysis. At albatross, we take this seriously.


Providing transport services is a key forte at Albatross. We offer trucking services from ex-warehouse to port, freight to Nigeria and trucking from port to destination. Also, on offer is inland transport services between states in Nigeria.


Documentation: Anyone intending to import physical goods into Nigeria, shall in the first instance process Form “M” through any authorized dealer bank irrespective of the value and whether or not payment is involved. We take charge of this key aspect of the import process from form M opening to pear insurance. We also advice on letters of credit based transactions to ease communications between banks thereby avoiding demurrage for our clients.

Marine Logistics

Our marine & offshore logistics is well positioned to respond to the oil field needs of our clients. We have at our disposal, the ability to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations backed by the expertise of our technical partners and employees.
We are capable of the following;
  • Crew Boats: We provide anchored or dynamic positioned crew boats for transporting employees of client companies from the shore to off-shore locations like rigs, platforms and other remote installations offshore. These boats are of different varieties and can be customized to our client’s requirement and specification on request.
  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
  • Lubricating Oil (LUBEOIL)
  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)
  • Low Pour Oil (LPFO)
  • High Pour Oil (HPFO)
  • Grease
  • Fresh Drinkable Water
  • Embarkation: The cordial relationship Albatross enjoys with the Nigerian Navy ensures the seamless movement of personal from base to vessels offshore right on schedule.

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